Crypto Casino Will Help You Stay Anonymous- But Why Do They Do ID Verification?

Crypto Casino Will Help You Stay Anonymous- But Why Do They Do ID Verification?

Nowadays, when you have to pay through your mobile phone or the internet, you need to provide your personal information. So it may be when you have to make payment through cards or another conventional payment system. But you will not have to worry about anything when it comes to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

For gamblers, anonymity is their priority, so you should step into the world of anonymous crypto gambling. However, the anonymity terms do vary from site to site.

ID verification in crypto casino

There has been the rise of anonymous cryptocurrency gambling, but that does not mean you will not have to provide your details; your information will be secure. Here are some of the reasons why verification that you have to go through-

  • Age check of players- The platform must check the age of the gambler and make sure they are of the right age. People who have reached the age of 18 or 21 (that will depend on the country) will be allowed to gamble. One way through which online casinos check the age of the players is by checking their ID.
  • Prevention from money laundering- Money Laundering is a well-known problem that many online gambling platforms face worldwide. These are the things that attract several criminals. But cryptocurrency is quite complex for the person to trace as compared to fiat money. Crypto casino needs to pay some extra caution in this matter, and there should be proper verification of ID, which is an effective way through which you can prevent these fraudulent activities.

proper verification

  • Self-exclusion from the program bypass- You may have come across some gamblers who struggle to stop themselves from playing even if their affordable limits are exceeded. That is why these online casinos have made the self-exclusion program where the player can set a limit which will restrict them from making bets. The customers get blinded because of the excitement that they even create another account without any betting restriction. But the casino will request you for the KYC if any of these things happen.

There is no doubt that when you can play at bitcoin casinos anonymously, they still require the proper verification of the above reasons. Moreover, the person needs to read everything regarding the KYC of the players so you will not face any problems.